One minor plate for one of my classes. The flower arrangement was done by Martha Stewart (lol). I just rendered it using watercolor pencils and a blender kure :) - Trina
Unfinished 12212012 by Lian 
One of my first drawings from 2 years ago… and I still haven’t finished it yet… I’m lazy… - Trina
I drew Barbie’s eyes :) - Trina 
Quick sketch of Lindsey Wixson by Lian
Half Girl, Half Skull by Trina Conde
Was not supposed to look creepy but it came out that way sooo Happy Halloween? =))))
Daphne Groeneveld x H&M 
Huhu I know it doesn’t look like Daphne but I tried hurhurrr
Motivational drawing for one of my classes :)
By Trina Conde
Elle Fanning by my friend Dana Bote :)
By Trina Conde